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PBA Performance



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we have here, (1) custom made 5 round LED switch panel, in Chevy Orange. we hand solder all the wires and connections, using high quality BLUE LED round rocker switches. they have a waterproof cover, but the unit is not weather proof. just a neat touch. each switch is rated at 15amp. there are 5 individual circuits, each labeled and has 16" leads color coded. has a 15amp inline fuse to the ACC+ circuit. a common ground is used for the LED lights. 5mm stainless steel socket head screws to mount. the size is 6-1/2" long with a height of 1-1/2" we sell tons of these, we are sure you'll be pleased.

please note, unless noted, all our custom switch panels are rated at 15 amps max. these should only be used for low amp circuits or relay switches for high amp devices

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